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Dental Sedation


Dental Sedation Nervous PatientsNervous patients

Many patienst are nervous about some aspects of dental treatment. Sometimes you may just need a sympathetic ear and time to discuss your anxieties. Sometimes you may need a little more help.We have over 20 years experience providing intravenous sedation for anxious patients.

Who would benefit from sedation

• anxious patients

• dental phobic patients

• patients undergoing long or complex procedures

• patients with prominent gag reflexes

• patients resistant to local anaesthetic

Intravenous sedation has the following benefits

• it is safe and effective

• patients feel calm and relaxed

• time passes quickly

• patients have little or no recollection of the procedure afterwards

• builds up patient confidence and in time many patients find they are able to undergo treatment sedation free

Our sedation service

We offer prompt appointments thus avoiding lenghty waiting lists.

Both Mr Damian O'Shea and Mrs Sharon Till are trained and experienced in providing intravenous sedation. They are both members of the Society for the Advancement of Dental Anaesthesia and the Association of Dental Anaesthetists.

During your treatment under sedation you will be cared for by two clinicians. The first clinician is responsible for your sedation and the second is responsible for your dental treatment. This combined approach ensures that the quality and safety of your care is of the highest standards. Using this approach also means that all types of dentistry can be carried out while you are sedated, from small routine treatments to longer more complex cases.


At an initial consultation we will discuss all the options for your treatment.We will also fully assess your general health and ensure your suitability for treatment under sedation.


We accept referrals from other dentists to carry out treatment under intravenous sedation. We have a referral pack for dentists to receive a copy please telephone 0161 998 3630 or e-mail us with your address asking for a referral pack. Alternatively you can download a referral form here. We also have a secure online referral form.



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