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Referrals from Dentists

Secure Online Referral Form

Secure Online Referral FormWe welcome referral of patients from dentists for treatment under intravenous sedation, oral surgery and for dental implants.

We have a secure online referral form. This allows secure transmission of your referral together with the ability to upload radiographs or photographs. You also can download a PDF of the referral at the end of the process.

Any data sent from this form is securely encrypted. The encrypted data is stored in an ISO27001 certified UK data centre. It can only be accessed by the Registered Data Contoller.

Please click here to access our Secure Online Referral Form.

Referrals from Dentists


For all referrals we aim to provide a prompt service and only that treatment which the referring dentist has asked for will be provided.

Intravenous sedation

Both Dr Sharon Till and Dr Damian O'Shea offer a referral service for all types of treatment to be provided under intravenous sedation. We fully comply with all GDC guidelines for this. Visit our Dental Sedation page.

Oral surgery

Referrals for dentoalveloar surgery are welcome. These can be carried out under local anaestehtic or intravenous sedation.

Dental implants

Mr Damian O'Shea has completed the One to One implant course at Sheffield Dental Hospital. He has a M.Med.Sci in Dental Implantology and is a GDC registred specialist in oral surgery. He has provided implant treatment for patients at the practice for ten years.

  • Referrals for all aspects of implant treatment are welcome
  • Appointments will be arranged promptly
  • A copy of the treatment plan and estimate is sent to the referring dentist
  • A further appointment to discuss the treatment plan is arranged
  • This is included in the initial consultation fee
  • The referring dentist is informed of the patient's decision
  • Referring dentists are welcome to visit the practice or telephone with any enquiries

Vist our Dental Implants page for more information.

Referral pack

We have a referral pack for dentists. If you would like to receive a copy please telephone 0161 998 3630 or e-mail us with your address asking for a referral pack or download a referral form here.



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