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Tooth coloured restorations


Tooth coloured restorations Unsightly amalgams can make teeth look grey or black and can really spoil a smile.They can easily be replaced by white coloured filling materials that can be shade matched to your natural teeth.

White filling materials can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth that may be worn,discoloured or mishapen.

Composite fillings

This is a white filling material which is placed directly into the tooth. It has the advantage of requiring only one appointment and great aesthetics can be achieved. Unsightly silver amalgams can be replaced by composite fillings in one easy appointment.


Inlays are white ceramic restorations or composite fillings which have been made in the laboratory. With new technology it is now possible to place an inlay where we would have once had to place a crown.This has many advantages including the fact that inlays conserve much more tooth structure than crowns and are cheaper. They are hardwearing and look good too!

Composite Bonding

Gaps between teeth,mishapen teeth, worn teeth and discoloured teeth can all be treated with compsite bonding.This is a technique that involves bonding white filling material to the tooth to fill spaces or cover imperfections. It is a non invasive reversible treatment which does not involve removal of healthy tooth tissue, can be done in one visit and is easy to repair if necessary. Because of these factors it is very often the treatment of choice instead of crowns and veneers.