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Welcome to Our Practice

Mr Damian O'Shea and Mrs Sharon Till

We are a small friendly practice situated in Manchester dedicated to providing high quality treatment in a pleasant environment. The two principal dentists are Mr Damian O'Shea and Mrs Sharon Till. Our small size allows us to offer a personal service but we are still able to offer a wide range of treatments including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and dental sedation. The information contained on the site is a guide and cannot substitute a visit to the dentist.

Continuity of care

To provide continuity of care you will see the clinician who is carrying out your treatment from your initial visit. They are best qualified to answer all your questions regarding treatment. We do not delegate this responsibility to anyone else such as treatment coordinators or advisors.

Our aims

We aim to provide high quality treatment in a relaxing environment.

We also aim to provide an exceptional level of patient care and customer service.

Our commitment to service

Our practice is dedicated to providing a high quality service. If you are happy with the service you provide we hope you will tell others and recommend the practice to them. If you are ever disappointed we would like to hear why so we may take steps to remedy this.

Our commitment to communication

The key to successful dental treatment is communication. We believe that patients should play an active part in decision making for their dental care. We spend time explaining the various options for your treatment and welcome questions about any aspect of your care. We provide full estimates of the likely costs at the start of treatment and update this if matters alter.

Our commitment to modern dentistry

Advances in dentistry have never been as rapid as now and we endeavour to constantly bring you the best of these advances whilst not discarding tried and tested techniques.

Our location

The practice is located close to the centre of Northenden village in South Manchester and is very close to the motorway network. Church Road is directly off Palatine Road and is virtually opposite the Tesco. For driving directions see our How to find us page.

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dentists Manchester



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