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Dentist Manchester TechnologyDentistry is changing at a faster pace then ever. As new technology is developed we assess each advance to see whether it would bring any benefits to our patients. We aim to make tecnhology and systems that are proven avaialable to our patients.

Here are just some examples of tecnology we use:-

Digital x-rays

We use digital x-rays in the practice. This has many advantages. Firstly there is less radiation for patients. We can show patients enlarged x-rays on a screen so they may better understand their condition. It is also kinder to the environment as we no longer use the chemicals required to develop film.

Intra oral cameras

All the surgeries are equipped with intra oral cameras. This allows us to capture images of patients mouths which we can show on LCD screens. This allows patients to see what is actually happening in their mouths.

Apex locator

This is used for patients undergoing rootcanal treatment which can measure the lenth of roots electronically which is more accurate than older methods using x-rays.


As you can imagine the precison required in dental treatment is very high. That is why we undertake most treatments under magnification by wearing dental loupes.

Advanced laboratory systems

We use leading laboraties in our work which employ the latest techniques and use advanced ceramic systems form around the world. We select the system which is most appropriate for each patient.


The practice is fully computerised with all records and x-rays stored electronically. This allows us to operate as efficiently as possible. We also use SMS text reminders to remind patients of appointments.



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